Standard 27mm Acrylic Human Glass Eyes with Vessels
Standard 27mm Acrylic Human Glass Eyes with Vessels
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Anatomically Correct Ultra Realistic Acrylic Human Glass Eyes with Ultra Real Vessels for stationary human figures, human sculptures, museum figures, wax figures and authentic human reproductions. Contact us for special eye colors, eye color matching, and special effects. Price is for 1 Pair (2 eyes).
Eye Size 27mm (1-1/ 16" )
Iris 12.5mm (31/64")
Pupil 3mm (1/8")
Cornea Anatomically Correct Human
Vessels High Realism Vessels and Veins
Adjustment Pin Aids in Eye Placement, Removable
Materials Acrylic and Glass Resins
Characteristics Ultra Realistic, Durable, Unbreakable, Can Be Cut, Drilled and Cemented
Applications High Realism Stationary Human Figures, Wax Figures, Museum Figures, Human Scultures, and Authentic Human Reproductions
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