Standard 27mm Mannequin Eyes with Vessels
Standard 27mm Mannequin Eyes with Vessels
Brown HazelDark BlueGreen HazelDark BrownDolphin GreyGreenLight BlueBrownDeep Green
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Incredibly realistic handmade standard 27mm (1-1/16") mannequin eyes with ultra real vessels for manikins. High Realism eyes in 9 sparkling eye colors. Contact us for special colors and effects. Price is for 1 Pair (2 eyes).
Eye Size 27mm (1-1/16")
Iris 12.5mm (31/64")
Pupil 3mm (1/8")
Cornea Anatomically Correct Human
Vessels High Realism Vessels and Veins
Adjustment Pin Aids in Eye Placement
Materials Acrylic and Glass Resins
Applications High Realism Mannequins
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